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Where there is a lack of consultation, plans fail. With the right advisors there is consistent success.

Branches in Lower Austria and Burgenland as well as more than 200 customers throughout Austria.

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FRC is based on the experience of the founders in the areas of public finance, financing, investment, risk management as well as asset management and information technology. We have national and international partnerships and offer you first-class service with optimal benefits.


Modular product selection: from portfolio management of financing to tendering service...

Risk Management

Every decision on financial issues involves various risks, which should be evaluate in advance. For this purpose, it is necessary to identify and understand theses risks.


Some municipalities have existing capital investments, which should be subject to regular analysis and reporting. This includes also optimization suggestions.


In addition to the digital preparation of the documents and the reporting, it is about the digital procurement of funds via the credit platform and also about the digital analysis.

Real Assets

Real assets are real tangible assets that you can look at and touch, such as real estate or long-term infrastructure investments, and that generate real returns.

Our mission

The leading service provider in the field of financing and risk management for municipalities, cities and communities in Austria, which creates well-founded sustainable values for internal and external partners. We consider the commitment to transparency and quality as well as entrepreneurial thinking to be the main drivers of our success.

Your Benefits

Digitization is progressing and fairness on the financial markets is still required. Of course, banks are allowed to adjust the interest on accounts upwards if this has been agreed. They then have to reduce these again if the agreed interest rate indicators fall. Through the use of financial calculation and contract management software, we have begun to make these complex and complicated calculations transparent.

As FRC, we define quality standards for working with our partners, which are set taking our key stakeholders into account. This includes our customers, but in particular also all financiers and partners of the cities and municipalities as well as their interest groups. In terms of content, the focus is on the following topics: dialogue based on partnership, clear best bidder principle instead of cheapest bidder principle and attention to transaction costs.

Furthermore, we evaluate the inclusion of the topic "Green Finance" in the financing of cities and municipalities. With us you will be fully looked after. We want to present you with long-term refinancing options for your municipal projects in the years to come.

Time Savings

Use your precious time for your main activities and work on your strengths.

Digitization - personalized

Preparation of documents, reporting and fundraising via the credit platform

Reporting, Evaluations

IT systems, analysis tools and reporting are very important at FRC.

Strategy Talks

Together with our customers, we develop individual concepts and financial strategies.

FRC pooling effect

With FRC and our more than 200 customers, you always enjoy the best conditions.

Compliance, Training

We guarantee high standards and organize your training courses.


The digital service provider for municipalities financial controlling

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